Among Us Goes On Sale Alongside Launch of Airship Map

The long-awaited Among Us map known as the Airship is finally out now which is great news for all the existing players who’ve been waiting for it to launch. For those who haven’t yet gotten the game or those who want to get it on another platform, there’s more good news: The game’s on sale right now across all of the marketplaces that it’s sold on including the Epic Games Store and Steam for the PC versions as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Among Us costs next to nothing as it is with the game priced at only $4.99 or $5.00 depending on which platform you’re buying it from, so the sale isn’t a huge one, but it’s a sale nonetheless. A total of one dollar has been knocked off of the price of Among Us through the platforms listed above.

Though the discount is the same across all platforms, the durations of the sales are not. The sales end at different times depending on where you’re buying it from with the Epic Games Store and Steam listing the end dates on their site. The Nintendo website does not list that information, but thanks to the helpful Nintendo Switch eShop update from not too long ago, the console’s version of the eShop does. You can find those durations as well as links to purchase the game below.

Among Us Sales


The Airship map itself is free for all players, so if you already have the game or plan on getting it during the sale, you won’t have to spend any extra to hop into the new experience. On top of that free release, the same update that added the Airship also released things like an account system which requires players to create an account to use the game’s free chat system in order to better moderate what’s said and done during matches.

Additional content released with the update includes a bunch of free hats for players to equip. There’s also an Airship skin bundle that’s available to purchase if you want some new cosmetics to go with your hats.

Among Us’ Airship map is now out across all platforms.