Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Released, Here's What's New

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players may have noticed a new update released this weekend that follows another released just a day before it, and like the previous one, this Version 1.1.3 update fixes problems which were impacting players’ games. It’s actually only one problem that’s resolved in this latest update though, an issue that affected the balloons that fly over players’ islands to grant them random gifts if they can be shot down in time. The balloons weren’t flying overhead for everyone under certain circumstances, but that issue should now be fixed after players download the latest New Horizons update.

Nintendo’s support page for New Horizons has the details on the update released April 3rd as well as all those that came before it. The Version 1.1.3 update had only one change in it which is described below as listed in the patch notes.

“Addressed an issue where balloons would no longer fly over the island under certain circumstances,” the patch notes said.

Seeing how the appearance of the balloons floating over players’ islands in New Horizons is random, it’s possible that players would’ve just thought they weren’t getting lucky and couldn’t find any balloons. It appears there was actually an issue preventing players from getting the presents from the sky, though that’s been fixed now.


The problem would be frustrating during any time in New Horizons since it means no sky gifts, but it was a more annoying problem than usual considering how the Bunny Day event is going on now. Players can find eggs all over their island during the Bunny Day event thanks to the appearance of Zipper – a bunny players are quite suspicious of – with those eggs found in all sorts of different ways. One category called “Sky Eggs” can only be found in the air though, these eggs masquerading as presents floating overhead but given away by a unique design on them. Shooting these presents down meant getting the eggs and then using those to craft whatever items call for the resource, but no presents meant no eggs.

Of course, some players are already sick of finding these eggs all over their islands. The eggs are found through everyday activities like digging and fishing and other things, so players who are just trying to go about their daily activities are having a hard time finding what they want due to the abundance of eggs during the Bunny Day event.