Battlefield 2042 Fans May Be Getting a Beta Surprise Very Soon

Are Battlefield 2042 fans on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S about to get a Beta-sized surprise this week? Well, according to Amazon, yes. Before Battlefield 2042's release date was delayed from October 22 to November 19, the schedule was for EA and DICE to release a Beta this month. The current expectation is that's no longer happening, however, Amazon now has Battlefield fans second-guessing this expectation and wondering if EA and DICE are about to break their silence on the game's Beta. 

This morning, Amazon began to send out Beta codes for the game, which is obviously odd if the Beta isn't happening anytime soon. What's odder though is the start date listed for the Beta is September 23. Meanwhile, the product description has also been updated with this date, which is also very strange. That said, this could be a mistake. We know the date is going to be announced this month, but unless it's going to be a stealth release, it's unlikely the announcement will be coupled with a release this month.

While it's possible Amazon just accidentally tipped Battlefield fans of an imminent Beta release, or at least an imminent Beta announcement, it's also possible this is a mistake or leftover from before the delay.

Of course, Amazon or DICE, or EA could comment on this speculation and squash it, but so far, this hasn't happened. To some Battlefield fans, this suggests there's something to the speculation, but the reality is DICE and EA rarely comment on stuff like this, leaving only Amazon left to comment, and so far that hasn't happened.


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