Bloodborne Director Isn't "Opposed" to PC Port

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki wouldn't be "opposed to" a Bloodborne PC port.

For the last several years, FromSoft fans have been begging the developer to release an updated version of Bloodborne. Whether that's a PC port with better performance or a full remake, the consensus is that the game needs an update to bring it more in line with modern sensibilities. You might think FromSoft boss and the game's director Hidetaka Miyazaki would skip talking about fan's wishes until something is ready to be announced but Miyazaki has commented on the possibility of an updated version of Bloodborne a few times. Recently, he again spoke about a Bloodborne PC port, saying that he isn't "opposed to" bringing the game to a new platform.

The quote from Miyazaki comes from a new interview the director gave to PC Gamer. There he said he "knows for a fact" other FromSoft devs would like a PC version of Bloodborne. He added, "If I say I want one, I'll get in trouble as well. But it's nothing I'm opposed to." That's far from a definitive confirmation that something is happening, but the desire to bring Bloodborne to more platforms is seemingly there.

Miyazaki went on to say, "Obviously, as one of the creators of Bloodborne, my personal, pure honest opinion is I'd love more players to be able to enjoy it. Especially as a game that is now coming of age, one of those games of the past that gets lost on older hardware—I think any game like that, it'd be nice to have an opportunity for more players to be able to experience that and relive this relic of the past. So as far as I'm concerned, that's definitely not something I'd be opposed to." 

Again, that doesn't mean a PC version is forthcoming. Remember, Miyazaki was asked about a Bloodborne PlayStation 5 remake earlier this year. He didn't say anything definitive but did say that he thinks "accessibility is important." However, we haven't heard anything from the team since then, seemingly signaling that if a Bloodborne remake does happen, it'll likely come from a different studio. That's how we got the Demon Souls remake when the PS5 launched, so we might see something similar happen when Sony announces its next console.

At this point, it's all speculation. Fortunately, FromSoft fans have plenty to look forward to with Elden Ring launching its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC later this month. After that's out the door, we'll hopefully learn about the developer's next project very soon.