Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Sniping Will Be Different in the Beta

Sniping has always been a popular option in Call of Duty games, but in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s alpha test taking place this weekend, players have noticed the snipers are particularly effective. They’re powerful as always but also quick to aim which makes them a deadly option for even the players who aren’t as familiar with them from past games. It turns out their effectiveness is due in part to the sniper rifles being intentionally buffed for the alpha test, but adjustments are coming before the beta is released.

Treyarch’s Tony Flame who’s been giving us welcome information about changes made in Black Ops Cold War since before the alpha was released addressed sniping in the game on Twitter. Flame confirmed that sniping had been buffed for evaluation purposes in the Black Ops Cold War alpha, so while there’s still skill needed to utilize the snipers effectively, there’s some behind-the-scenes help going on as well.

That’ll change in the game’s beta though. While sniping was buffed in the alpha, Flame said Treyarch will be implementing balance changes for the beta, so expect to have to adjust your play alongside whatever happens to snipers when the beta releases.

As for what those changes will be, we don’t yet know what’s to come. Players have been sounding off with their suggestions for sniping based on what they’ve seen in the alpha with some saying it should be changed while others saying it feels good like it is. Some sort of nerf to tone it down whether that means the damage dealt gets reduced or they become slower to aim with, but we’ll have to wait for the beta to see what’s new unless we get another update before then.


That beta is scheduled to start in October, so there’s plenty of time for such an update to release between now and then. The beta starts first on October 8th for PlayStation 4 players who pre-ordered the digital version of the game or through other means. It’ll enter the open beta stage for PlayStation 4 players on October 10th. The week after on October 15th, it’ll be available in early access for those on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms with the open beta accessible to everyone starting on October 17th.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled to release on November 13th.