Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Is Now Available on Mobile

Good news, Castlevania fans! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the beloved entry in the franchise first released on PlayStation in 1997, is now available on mobile. The surprise release -- with seemingly no official announcement -- in the middle of the night marks the first time that the side-scrolling Symphony of the Night has officially been available on iOS and Android.

The game is available for $2.99 on both of the aforementioned mobile platforms, and features controller support, a new continue feature, and achievements. It is also available in six different languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. According to several reports, it would appear that the new mobile version of Symphony of the Night is based on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 4 ports.

"The iconic game from the beloved Castlevania series finally comes to mobile," the game's description reads in the App Store. "This direct port of the classic console action RPG lets you jump, dash and slash your way through Dracula's vast castle as Alucard while encountering a unique array of enemies and characters along the way."

Here's what the title screen looks like on mobile, taken from the Android release:

(Photo: Konami)

And here's what it looks like in action with the mobile UI overlay in place:

castlevania mobile
(Photo: Konami)

Interestingly, the third season of the popular animated adaptation of the Castlevania franchise is set to release on Netflix this week. While there's no definitive connection between the timing on the two of them dropping, it certainly makes for a good week and month for Castlevania fans.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is now available on both iOS and Android for $2.99. While the title was originally released in 1997 for the original PlayStation, it has since been ported to a number of platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Konami titles right here.