Critical Role Announces New Exandria Unlimited Miniseries, Brennan Lee Mulligan Returns as DM

Exandria Unlimited: Downfall will start in July and will focus on the Calamity.

Critical Role has announced a new Exandria Unlimited series, with Brennan Lee Mulligan leading another tale from Exandria's past. During last night's episode, Critical Role announced that Mulligan would return as the DM for Exandria Unlimited: Downfall, a new three episode miniseries that will air in place of Critical Role during the month of July. The cast includes regular Critical Role cast members Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, and Ashley Johnson alongside Noshir Balal, Nick Marini, and Abubakar Salim. Episodes will air on Critical Role's various streaming channels and platforms on July 11th, 18th, and 25th. No additional details about what characters the cast will play was revealed. 


The series was set up during the most recent live show, which was filmed in front of a live audience at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. During that episode, Campaign 3's main antagonist Ludinus claimed he had proof that the gods were to blame for the Calamity, a war between two factions of gods that occurred in the ancient past of Exandria. The Calamity resulted in a mass extinction event and forced the goods to permanently leave Exandria, although they could still exert their influence through their followers. Mulligan previously ran an Exandria Unlimited miniseries that showed the opening moments of the Calamity, with the player characters attempting but failing to stop the freeing of the Betrayer Gods from their prisons and triggering the start of the Calamity.

Much of Campaign 3 has involved the place of the gods within Exandria, with Ludinus plotting to unleash Predathos, an ancient entity imprisoned within Exandria's moon Ruidus and an actual predator of the gods. Themes within the campaign include the morality and ethics of the gods as well as what the world would be like without their existence. While the protagonists of Campaign 3, Bells Hells, seem to be "pro" gods for various reasons, many of the player characters have expressed doubts about the gods.