WizKids Announces New Critical Role Miniatures

WizKids and Critical Role has announced a new partnership to release a line of pre-painted miniatures based on characters and factions from the popular Dungeons & Dragons webseries. WizKids announced a new line of Critical Role miniatures earlier today, which will launch with a line of six box sets in Spring 2021. The first wave will focus on the continent of Wildemount, and future waves will include additional releases that span other continents and regions seen in Critical Role. The first wave of WizKids Critical Role miniatures will also include a gargantuan size Udaak figure, based on the dangerous monsters that roam the plains of Xhorhas. You can pre-order the miniatures at WizKids' website.

The five boxed sets included in the initial release are:

  • Monsters of Wildemount: Set I
  • Monsters of Wildemount: Set II
  • Factions of Wildemount -Dwendalian Empire
  • Factions of Wildemount - Kryn Dynasty & Xhorhas
  • Factions of Wildemount - Clovis Concord & Menagerie Coast

A preview posted on Critical Role's website revealed that the miniatures would include a Blood Hunter, an Echo Knight, a Hollow One, a Chronurgy Wizard, and a Dunamancy Wizard, as well as the popular NPC Pumat Sol. Monsters that appear in the set include Husk Zombies, various Core Spawn, a Shadowghast, a Gloomstalker, and a Moorbounder. Most of the creatures' stat blocks can be found in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, which was released in 2020 by Dungeons & Dragons and Critical Role.

Critical Role has become a cornerstone of the online Dungeons & Dragons community, with every episode reaching upwards of 100,000 views or more in the first week of airing. Not only does the show have an extremely large online reach, it also is expanding into the world of animation, with the Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina animated series raising over $12 million on Kickstarter. The Legend of Vox Machina was picked up for distribution on Amazon Prime and renewed for a second season. Critical Role also launched partnerships with brands like Hot Topic and Funko last year, along with several new comics series. Critical Role also recently announced a partnership with Sideshow Collectibles as well.

New episodes of Critical Role air on Twitch every Thursday. New episodes are also posted weekly on the show's YouTube channel.