LEGO Wants Your Dungeons & Dragons Set Ideas

LEGO is soliciting ideas for a new Dungeons & Dragons set. Earlier today, LEGO Ideas officially launched a new LEGO Ideas challenge focused on Dungeons & Dragons. The proposed sets will focus on celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. LEGO is casting a wide net for the proposed D&D sets, telling fans that their submissions can be detailed displays of D&D characters or monsters, a functional set that can be used in tabletop gaming, or an "ultimate build" with customizable elements. Unlike usual LEGO Ideas submissions, any set that makes it to the Fan Vote stage is eligible to become a LEGO Ideas set – the winning set will be chosen by a panel of LEGO and Wizards of the Coast judges, with the fan voting meant to help gauge fan interest and get fans excited about a potential set. 

This would be the first time that LEGO has produced a Dungeons & Dragons set, although LEGO and D&D have often had complimentary synergies. After all, a LEGO mini-fig is the perfect size for a D&D tabletop miniature, and castle and fantasy sets often make for good scenery for a D&D battle. 

Dungeons & Dragons will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024, so it's likely that the set will be geared for release sometime that year. Wizards of the Coast also plans to release a brand new edition of Dungeons & Dragons that uses many 5th Edition rules, but overhauls certain parts of the game. An playtest for the new edition is ongoing, with two packets of rules publicly available. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast is also working on a digital rules compendium/virtual tabletop system for Dungeons & Dragons, appropriately titled Dungeons & Dragons Digital. 


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