Elden Ring Will Expand "Beyond the Realm of Games," Says Creators

It sounds like there is a lot more Elden Ring on the way, but not just in the form of games. Elden Ring has been a huge hit for FromSoftware, managing to pull in incredible review scores and attract a mainstream audience. It seems that the developer's shift to an open-world setting and utilizing acclaimed author George R.R. Martin has helped the game succeed tremendously. The Souls genre has previously been rather niche given its immense difficulty, but that didn't stop millions of people from latching on to Elden Ring. Somehow, Elden Ring even managed to outsell sequels to storied franchises like Horizon Forbidden West and Dying Light 2.

After selling over 12 million copies of Elden Ring in under a month, FromSoftware confirmed that it will establish the acclaimed title as a new franchise. Not only does it all but confirm an Elden Ring sequel is probably in the works, but it seems as if FromSoftware has even bigger plans. In a press release, FromSoftware confirmed it has hopes of expanding "beyond the real of games." It seems like FromSoftware, is planning to spin Elden Ring off into a TV show, a movie, a comic book, or even all of the above. Although it didn't announce its specific plans, more news can probably be expected in the coming months. You can read the full quote below:

"Please look forward to more of 'ELDEN RING' as an IP (characters and other intellectual property) in hopes of expanding beyond the realm of games."  

It's no surprise FromSoftware wants to expand the world of Elden Ring outside of games. Not only does it keep the fans engaged, but it also attracts a new audience that may not be interested in the series due to its difficulty. Given the developer enlisted the help of Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin to flesh out the lore of Elden Ring, it would be a waste to not see that built upon in other media. The promise of more Elden Ring should also excite fans because the beloved Bloodborne never got a sequel despite its success. 

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