Final Fantasy 16 Release Date May Be Sooner Than You Think

The Final Fantasy 16 release date could be sooner than you think. The new PS5 exclusive still doesn't have an official release date, though there's reason to believe it could be out this year, and a new PlayStation Store listing reportedly not only bolsters this, but suggests it could be coming sooner rather than later. It's unclear if the update comes the way of Square Enix or Sony, but the release date on the PS5 version of the PlayStation Store was recently changed from "TBC" to "coming soon." And right now, it's unclear why this change was made.

That said, while this change was made to the PS5 version of the PlayStation Store, the official website still lists the game as "TBC," which may suggest the change above is nothing more than an error. However, a screenshot of the listing was grabbed by Twisted Voxel.

Again, right now it's unclear why this change was made and how much players should derive from it. Not only could this be a genuine error, but "coming soon" is fairly vague. "Soon" can refer to something releasing next week, a few months from now, or even later in the year as it's fairly subjective and reliant on context.

At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties -- Sony and Square Enix -- have commented on any of the information above or the speculation it has created. Typically, neither comments on leaks and speculation, but if either breaks this pattern for this development, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.


Final Fantasy 16 has been announced for the PS5, and so far, only the PS5, and right now there's no word of a release date. For more coverage on the upcoming RPG and all things PS5 -- including all of the latest leaks, rumors, reports, and speculation -- click here or check out the relevant links listed right below: