Final Fantasy Battle Royale Game Announced

Right after announcing Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade for PS5, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, the first-ever Final Fantasy battle royale game, which is coming to Android and iOS sometime later this year. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any additional platforms, but Square Enix did accompany the announcement with the first-ever trailer of the first-ever Final Fantasy battle royale game.

Details on the game -- especially of the salient variety -- are scarce right now, but according to Square Enix, the game is set in Midgar following the events of Final Fantasy 7. In it, you play a generic soldier who will need to make use of a range of abilities to survive and take down other players.

Of course, as more details on the game come through, we will be sure to update the story. Right now, no other platforms have been announced, and it's unclear if the game will be free-to-play or a premium experience. That said, given the genre and platforms, it's safe to assume it will be free-to-play and be supported with microtransactions.

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