GameStop Reportedly Making Big Changes to Selling Games

GameStop is reportedly making big changes to how it sells games. As the retailer tries to adapt to the changing times and modernize how it does business, it will reportedly stop gutting new games in favor of having generic boxes for the customer to take to the counter. However, these games will be limited to the top 200 best-selling games. Everything outside the top 200 will be carried as normal, but won't be on display. What this means is you will need to go to the front desk and ask for the game.

At the moment of publishing, GameStop has not confirmed these changes, so the finer details are scarce, but multiple credible sources are reporting on the change, which will apparently go live sooner rather than later.

"GameStop will soon stop gutting new games and will instead have generic boxes for the customer to take to the counter," reads the report. "Only the top 200 best selling games. Everything not in the top 200 you'll need to ask if they actually have it now since there will be no box on display."

For now, it's unclear why GameStop is making these changes, but for the average consumer that doesn't buy anything outside the top 200 best-selling games, nothing is really changing. However, for those that dabble with more niche games and genres, this is a substantial change, especially for those that make these games, which will now no longer be advertised in store to window shoppers and casual buyers.

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