GameStop Will Have Xbox Series X Bundles Tonight

GameStop has announced it will have Xbox Series X bundles today, but unfortunately, this is the extent of its preciseness about the restock. The retailer doesn't divulge specific timing or hint at how much stock it has. Further, it appears this stock is limited to just bundles for now. In other words, if you were hoping to buy just Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles by themselves, you're seemingly out of luck. However, because they are bundles, they should be easier to get. Not only are they more expensive, which scares off many consumers, but scalpers and bots don't go as hard in the paint for bundles because their resell value isn't as great. What Microsoft does say is if you want one, then make sure your index fingers are warmed up.

The retailer also notes this batch is limited to just the website, so don't rush to your local GameStop looking for one. If they didn't have the consoles yesterday, they probably still don't have them.

"Get your index fingers warmed up, because more Xbox Series X|S console bundles will be available today — online only — at," said the retailer in an email sent out to its customers. "This limited number of bundles will go live soon! Be sure to clear your cart, get logged in and ready to go. And if you’re not able to get one, take heart in knowing that we'll continue to notify you when more Xbox Series X|S consoles are available."

As for PS5, there's currently no word of a restock coming today. And for now, it's unclear when the console will be available again, but when it's made available, it will likely also be in the bundle form.


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