Genshin Impact Reveals Original Xiao Design

The original design of Genshin Impact's new character, Xiao, has been revealed. With Update 1.3 this week, Genshin Impact added two new characters, including Xiao, who is already proving to be a fan-favorite on Reddit and other forums. Meanwhile, developer miHoYo has already teased more characters coming soon. Until these characters are added though, players will just need to enjoy who's been added, and judging by social media, that's already happening with Xiao.

To this end, Xiao's original design has been revealed, and as you can see, he once sported red attire, but this was apparently changed to green to fit Anemo element. The tweet below, which comes the way courtesy of Zeniet, also reveals some different mask designs the character almost had.

Beyond the color change, there aren't many differences between the character's original and final design, and judging by the replies, many prefer the final product more.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how far along this change was made, and how early the red design is. That said, if more details surface, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.


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