PlayStation Insider Casts Doubt on God of War Ragnarok Release Date

An industry insider has cast doubt on God of War Ragnarok releasing this year. Last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica announced a new God of War game, a follow-up to 2018's God of War reboot that's colloquially referred to as God of War Ragnarok. That said, right now we know nothing about the game and we've seen nothing of it. We know it's in development for PS5 (and possibly PS4) and that it's releasing this year, or at least it's scheduled to release this year, and that's it.

All of that said, this morning a PlayStation fan asked the aforementioned industry insider -- Jason Schreier -- if the new God of War game is on schedule to release this year. Responding to this, Schreier didn't have much to say, but his one-world, "lol" reply perfectly conveys what he thinks of this happening.

Now, it's unclear how much of this reply is based on actual scoop versus opinion. And of course, it could be solely based on the fact that everything is getting delayed out of 2021 due to COVID and the impact it's had on game development. Right as Schreier shared what he thought of the new God of War releasing this year, Gotham Knights was delayed to 2022.

When the new God of War game was announced with just a teaser, many thought there was no chance it would hit its 2021 window. And it probably won't. Horizon Forbidden West will probably be PlayStation's big PS5 game releasing this fall, and the new God of War will probably release next year, but so far Sony is standing by its 2021 window for the game.


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