Halo TV Show's Co-Showrunners Exit Series

Two names attached to the upcoming Halo TV series planned to stream on Paramount+ have exited the [...]

Two names attached to the upcoming Halo TV series planned to stream on Paramount+ have exited the series according to a new report. Both Steven Kane and Kyle Killen served as co-showrunners for the Halo series that's been in development for a while now, though there is some glimmer of hope in the news for those looking forward to the show since it's been reported that a second season seems likely even though the first hasn't even been released yet.

Variety reported on the latest Halo news and cited unnamed sources with the developments involving Kane and Killen. According to those sources, Killen has already departed the project and did so before production started last year. The story with Killen is supposedly that he wasn't able to take on full-time showrunner duties which led to Kane filling the role as the lead showrunner.

Kane, however, will also be departing the show, assuming the information in the report is accurate. While Kane is set to stay with the Halo show throughout the post-production process, it's been reported that he won't be coming back for more Halo should the show be picked up for a second season.

One positive comes from the idea Variety floated of a second season happening after the first, but it doesn't seem that there's any indication of that happening beyond speculation given the time and effort put into the Halo show. Something as high-profile as The Witcher understandably got a second season from Netflix if which is something people anticipated anyway given how popular The Witcher brand was even before the show's release, so it makes sense that similar conclusions could be drawn for the Halo TV project.

The development involving the co-showrunners is the latest of many announcements pertaining to the Halo show throughout its lengthy production process. Pablo Schreiber was confirmed back in 2019 to be taking on the role of Master Chief and was the first of the casting announcements. More casting announcements followed afterwards, though Cortana was eventually recast.

This all occurred whenever the Halo show was to be aired on Showtime, but that's not the case anymore. Instead, the show will be released via Paramount+, the ViacomCBS-owned streaming service.

We've gotten occasional previews of the Halo show over the past couple of months to show what some of the characters and props from the Halo universe will look like, but nothing substantial has been shown at this time. The show is still without a release date.