HBO's The Last of Us Series Finds Its Directors

HBO’s The Last of Us series found its director for the show’s pilot episode earlier in the [...]

HBO's The Last of Us series found its director for the show's pilot episode earlier in the year, and now, it's found two more directors to lead the series. Jasmila Žbanić who's known for the Oscar-nominated film Quo vadis, Aida and Ali Abbasi who's known for the movie Border will serve as the series' directors. It has not been announced, however, how the two will handle the direction of the individual episodes planned for the series.

The news on the latest talent to join The Last of Us comes from Variety who first reported on the new directors' involvement this week. News of these directors being involved follows what feels like a long, relatively steady stream of announcements about The Last of Us and those who'll be involved.

Of course, not everyone who was first said to be involved with the series is still on board, though most are. Johan Renck who's known for his work on HBO's Chernobyl series was previously slated to direct the pilot episode of The Last of Us but later had to drop the position due to apparent scheduling conflicts. Kantemir Balagov who's best known for Beanpole will now direct the pilot with Žbanić and Abbasi apparently now taking over afterwards.

As for the cast who will fill the roles of the fan-favorite characters The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II players have grown attached to, we know of several actors and actresses who'll play those characters as well. The first casting announcement was for Ellie, the co-protagonist of The Last of Us who took on a more prominent, playable role in The Last of Us Part II. Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsey, an actress best known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones. She'll be joined by Pedro Pascal who's known for his work in The Mandalorian as well as Game of Thrones and will play Joel, the other co-protagonist of the first game and arguably the most popular character. Joel's brother, Tommy, will be played by Gabriel Luna who portrayed Ghost Rider in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

That completes the casting decisions that we know of so far, but that's also the main trio of characters people wanted to know about, so everything else will be extra at this point. HBO's The Last of Us is supposedly going to start filming in July, but that detail hasn't been officially confirmed yet.