Hideo Kojima Shares Cryptic Teaser for New Game

Hideo Kojima shared yet another teaser for a new project this week that dug up a past tease while hinting at an eventual reveal for whatever he's got planned next. The teaser in question came from his Twitter account (as most Kojima tidbits do) and suggested that the solution to his past riddle will be shared at one of the gaming industry's next big events. When that reveal will happen wasn't specified, but with The Game Awards still slated to take place later this year, that's a good a candidate as any in terms of potential reveal timings.

Kojima's tease said "The answer to 'WHO' at TGS will be in the next 'WHERE'" and was accompanied by the image below. Those who keep up with Kojima's posts and try to decipher his tweets will recall that this is the same image The Game Awards host and Kojima buddy Geoff Keighley shared not long ago amid the Tokyo Game Show proceedings. The "Who Am I?" question was removed this time, however, with Kojima's latest riddle replacing it in the tweet.

While the sentence is just one step up from gibberish, Kojima's basically saying here that the answer to who that shadowy figure is will be revealed during an upcoming event. People are keen on the idea that this person could be Elle Fanning, though Kojima of course hasn't confirmed that at this time, so we'll have to wait until later for this person to be unveiled.

Of course, the more pressing news people will be looking forward to beyond who this person might be is the reveal of whatever game they're in. Rumors are inseparable from Kojima's potential projects – we know he's working on an Xbox game, for example, but we don't know for sure what it is – and some of the best rumors have even given us potential names like "Overdose."


Kojima didn't specify what event would hold the answers to his riddles, but The Game Awards seems like a safe bet for later in the year assuming the solutions aren't revealed prior to that during some event that hasn't been announced yet.