League of Legends Players Get to Vote on a New Skin Theme

League of Legends players already got an opportunity this week to vote on which champion should get the next rework, and on top of that, the community also gets to decide which of three cosmetic themes Riot Games works on next. The options revealed during the Season 2021 preview here Riot discussed its plans for this year’s skins and events are the Monster Tamers, Crime City Nightmare, and Debonair 2.0 skins. Voting for the themes is open now, and we’ve gotten a preview of them already to show what they’ll look like as well as some of the champions who have already been considered for the skins.

You can see each of the different skin themes below if you ddin’t catch them during the League of Legends stream this week. From left to right, the image shared on Twitter shows two skins each for Crime City Nightmare, then Monster Tamers, then Debonair 2.0.

During the Season 2021 stream, Riot Bellissimoh, the product lead for Personalization and Events within League of Legends, spoke about the ideas behind the skins to give players a better idea of which themes they’ll be voting between.

“Monster Tamers is a world where champions harness powerful creatures from across Runeterra to challenge each other in high-stakes matches,” Riot Bellissimoh said. “In Crime City Nightmare, we focus on the crime-scape that is Valoran City, where a street war takes a dark and horrifying turn, as a mysterious figure introduces those desperate for power to an ancient Cthulhu-inspired evil. Finally we have Debonair 2.0. In a world where powerful elixirs grant extraordinary abilities, two rival clubs vie for power. Classy opulence meets modern noir as champions work together to take back what they believe is theirs.”

Though only one skin thematic will be declared the winner when the votes are tallied, that doesn’t mean the other skins are going to get scrapped entirely as there’s a chance Riot may come back to them later.


“We’re going to ship whichever thematic gets the most votes this year, and we may revisit some of the others later, depending on your interest and feedback,” Riot Bellissimoh added.

The voting for the new skin themes is now open within the League of Legends client.