League of Legends Reveals New Pool Party Skins

League of Legends is getting five new Pool Party skins soon as part of the game’s summer events [...]

League of Legends is getting five new Pool Party skins soon as part of the game's summer events with each of those skins revealed on Tuesday. The champions getting this year's Pool Party skins are Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, and Taliyah, champions which were all teased leading up to the reveal for players who were able to figure out what's coming. Pool Party Taliyah was the only one of the five skins which was already known to be releasing later this year after it was revealed alongside other planned cosmetics, but the rest of the five skins are totally new.

The reveal of the five Pool Party skins happened on social media on Thursday when Riot Games shared the PBE preview below. The video shows each of the skins in action with their unique Pool Party-themed abilities and custom looks that put them in line with other Pool Party champions like Renekton, Graves, Caitlyn, and many more.

These skins are coming to the PBE first for testing, so if you've got a PBE account, you'll be able to test out the cosmetics before they're available in a later update.

Riot's reveal of the five skins followed a teaser shared on Monday that offered a first look at the skins, though not a full one. It showed the champions dipping their feet into the pool which led players to try and figure out what champions the skins would go to based on what was seen in the teaser. Looking back on the teaser now that we know who the skins are for, you can see some other hints in the brief video like the water gun turret for Heimerdinger and the pool float Orianna uses with her Pool Party skin.

Like most skin releases associated with multiple additions to popular sets of skins, the Pool Party cosmetics are typically accompanied with some sort of event that takes place in the summer. Those events typically include chromas and other types of cosmetics alongside the skins themselves. Riot has not yet announced any other specific plans it has for Pool Party festivities this year outside of the release of these five skins.