Marvel's Avengers Leak Reveals Half-Naked Skins for Black Widow and Thor

A new Marvel's Avengers leak has revealed some upcoming skins for Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man. More specifically, the leak has revealed some swimsuit/beach skins for the trio of characters. The leak in question is a datamining leak pulled from the files of the game's PC version. In other words, the skins are already in the game in some capacity and probably going to release soon. That said, Crystal Dynamics hasn't announced or revealed the skins below, which is to say they may not represent the final product and it's even possible they will never release. 

The leak comes the way of Marvel's Avengers dataminer and insider, Miller, who not only relayed word of the skins over on Twitter, but revealed what they look like with official renders. Of the three skins, the Iron Man one is the most modest. In fact, it's not even a swimsuit but rather a beach outfit. Then there's the Black Widow skin, which is simply a two-piece bikini. There's a lot of skin showing, but not as much as the Thor swimsuit skin, which not only shows a ton of skin, but highlights his superhero package. 

While we know these skins are seemingly coming to the game and coming soon, the files don't hint at an exact date, or they do, it's not been shared by Miller. Whatever the case, below you can check them out for yourself. Remember these are leaked skins though, which means Crystal Dynamics may have them scrubbed from Twitter. In other words, by the time you're reading this, the posts below may have been removed. If this happens, we will do our best to quickly replace them with new embeds. 

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