Marvel's Avengers Reveals Special Surprise for Black Widow Fans

Marvel's Avengers has revealed a special surprise for Black Widow fans in the form of a"free" skin, with free being in quotations because while technically true, there are some requirements that need to be filled first. Marvel's Avengers is adding a new character soon, but before it does this it's doing what it's almost exclusively been doing as of late, releasing new skins. The latest comes courtesy of Black Widow, but unlike many of the recent skins added to the game, it's not an MCU skin. Rather, it's a comics skin, which are added far less frequently. And unlike most skins added to the game, this one can be had for free, if you have enough shipments. If you don't, you can grind until you do.

"Natalia Romanova from Earth-1298 has experienced her share of global & interdimensional battles," says the Marvel's Avengers Twitter account of the skin. "Black Widow's Widow 1998 Outfit is based on Natalia Romanova of Earth-1298, who first appeared in 1998."

As you can see, it's not a perfect recreation of the suit it's based on and appears to be a recolor of previous skins, which is enough to have some fans unimpressed with the new freebie. 

"Normally I'm fine with recolors. This upsets me. It upsets me because we just had comic accurate for weeks," reads one unhappy reply. "You showed the issue they came from. Community was good. Hell, we had Hulk showed TODAY. Then you go and do THIS for Widows. They should all be treated the same please."


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