Spider-Man PS4 Artist Reveals Amazing Take on Doctor Doom

The PlayStation 4 release of Marvel's Spider-Man was a massive hit for Insomniac Games, and fans will swing into another adventure on the PS5 with the upcoming release of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. But with so many supervillains that gamers want to see in the series, it's hard to pick and choose which will make the cut after Spider-Man already took on Doctor Octopus, Taskmaster, Electro, and many others. However, if they decide to add Fantastic Four foe and perennial Marvel pest Doctor Doom into the mix, art director Gavin Goulden has a perfect take on the iconic villain.

Goulden shared the piece of character art via Twitter, and as you can see, while the take on the villain is unique, it's not the most unconventional depiction of the character either. It's impressive though.

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is: we will see Doctor Doom show up in a future Marvel's Spider-Man game? While Doctor Doom is typically depicted as the archenemy of the Fantastic Four, he has come into conflict with Spidey before. However, if you've played Marvel's Spider-Man, you'll know it makes it pretty clear what villains we will see in future installments, and it's not Doctor Doom. That said, for now, Spider-Man fans are just going to have to settle for the "doodle" below:

Marvel's Spider-Man is available via the PS4 and the PS4 only. Below, you can read more about why the game is so great:


"Marvel's Spider-Man is the best superhero movie you can't buy a ticket to see, and it's one of the best open-world games of the generation," reads the opening of our official review of the game. "Insomniac Games has shown great audacity in its effort to craft a wholly original Spider-Man story, with its own timeline and set of origin stories. Having played the game from start to finish, I can say that even the most hardcore comic book fans will have their expectations exceeded by Marvel's Spider-Man's impossible scope and exhaustive fan service."

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