Marvel's Spider-Man Mod Lets Player Become Kingpin

Marvel’s Spider-Man lets players control a few characters other than just Spider-Man alone, but one player has found a way to add another character to the roster with a mod that let them play as Kingpin himself. The mod was showcased in a video that shows the player swinging about the city, fighting baddies, and even confronting the in-game version of Wilson Fisk while playing as the same character. The transition to Kingpin isn’t flawless with some awkward animations here and there, but it’s still an entertaining perspective on Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Modder jedijosh920 shared the video below on their YouTube channel to show what Marvel’s Spider-Man looks like when you’re playing as Kingpin and not Spider-Man. From the start of the showcased mod, we can see Kingpin stuck to a wall in a Spider-Man pose waiting for the player to start the game. After the gameplay actually begins, we see that there’s even more than one outfit for Fisk that can put him in either business attire or his prison outfit given to him when he finds a new home on the Raft.

Some things like running up walls, seeing the player-controlled Fisk talk, or pulling off certain animations like perching on a high-up location look a bit wonky when Fisk clips into things or scoots across the ground without actually moving, but for the most part, everything goes smoothly. Seeing Fisk shooting webs and moving with such agility despite his size is something that takes a bit to get used to seeing, though it seems like it’d be a fun take on Marvel’s Spider-Man. One of the most entertaining parts of the clip comes from the new “Spider-Man” encountering the real Fisk where the two have to talk to one another.

Given that this is a mod on the PlayStation 4, it looks like it’s just been made for the creator at this time since there’s no indication of it being released in any fashion for anyone else. This is far from the first Marvel’s Spider-Man video jedijosh920 has created though. The same modder was responsible for the Spider-Cop video that circulated online not long ago, and they’ve created plenty of other mods in the past to allow them to play as alternate characters in games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 along with a number of Grand Theft Auto V mods.