Mortal Kombat 11 Art Combines Spawn With Shao Khan for Incredible Result

Last month, Spawn became the final DLC character added as part of Mortal Kombat 11's first Kombat Pack. The character quickly proved to be one of the most popular DLC fighters in the franchise's history, thanks to his brutal gameplay, and faithful recreation. In addition to Spawn, Mortal Kombat players could also get a skin for Jacqui Briggs as Hellspawn. While the two made for an interesting mash-up, Reddit user lightsource33 came up with an even more compelling mix: Hellspawn Shao Khan! It's a wild mix of the two characters, and one that's even more nightmare-inducing than Spawn's regular appearance in the game!

One of the most interesting things about Spawn's inclusion in Mortal Kombat is just how well the character seems to fit within the Mortal Kombat universe. While some of the other guest stars have felt a bit out of place at times, Spawn truly feels like an authentic part of the Mortal Kombat roster. It doesn't hurt that NetherRealm went above and beyond by including a plethora of references to the character's comic and animated roots, but Spawn has clearly become a fan favorite, in a very short amount of time. The Hellspawn Shao Khan image certainly solidifies that fact.

What's also impressive about lightsource33's art is the fact that it truly looks like something created for the game. Of course, the combination of Spawn and Shao Khan actually makes a bit of sense, given the brutal nature of the two characters. On Twitter, Mortal Kombat fans seemed particularly taken with the concept, with many arguing that it would have made for a superior option to the Hellspawn skin that did make the cut.

It will be interesting to see if subsequent DLC fighters will be embraced in the way that Spawn has. NetherRealm has yet to officially confirm a second Kombat Pack, but a leak last month seemingly confirmed the long-rumored Ash Williams DLC. Given that particular character's rabid fanbase, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility.


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