Nintendo Removes Classic Shantae Game and More DSiWare Titles From the eShop

It appears that several Nintendo DSiWare games have been removed from the eShop, including popular games like Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Mighty Flip Champs. As such, these games are no longer available to purchase for those with the Nintendo DSi or 3DS. The news was revealed on Twitter by user @Comeoutpunching. At this time, it is unknown whether or not this is a temporary removal, or if Nintendo will cease to offer these games on the platform entirely. The Tweet prompted surprise from Shantae creator Matt Bozon, who pointed out that some features from Risky's Revenge will likely be lost as a result of these removals.

The Tweets from @Comeoutpunching and Matt Bozon can be found embedded below.

While Risky's Revenge was ported to Nintendo Switch last year, that doesn't do anything for the fans that have yet to upgrade from the 3DS or DSi hardware. Publisher Limited Run Games wasted no time commenting on the situation on Twitter, pointing out the fact that it has offered Risky's Revenge in a physical format on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The publisher has long been an advocate for physical game releases, arguing that digital releases are susceptible to removal by digital storefronts.

It's currently unclear whether or not additional games will be removed. However, 3DS and DSi owners interested in purchasing other DSiWare games will want to act quickly, in case more titles follow. Nintendo officially ceased production of the 3DS line back in September, so it's entirely possible that these games were removed as a result of the company shifting its focus towards the Switch. Players that currently have DSiware games on their systems won't have to worry, but for game preservationists, this will certainly come as disappointing news.


For now, fans of the 3DS and DSi will simply have to hold out hope that these games were removed in error. Nintendo has yet to comment on the situation.

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