Nintendo Switch Getting Cult-Classic 2006 Game

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are getting a cult-classic 2006 game. While Nintendo has been silent about its own upcoming Switch and Switch Lite Games, French publisher Dotemu has stepped in and given Nintendo fans something to be excited about. Today, it revealed that YS Origin is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite sometime this year. At the moment, this is the most precise release date that's been provided, but Dotemu did provide a new trailer to accompany the news.

That's not all Dotemu announced. The publisher also revealed that the game will get a retail run via Limited Run Games. And while the latter typically deals in limited runs of physical games, it sounds like this will be a larger run and global release.

For those that don't know: YS Origin debuted back in 2006 via the PC. At the time, it landed fairly well with critics, but failed to light the world on fire commercially. However, it did find a sizable audience and is widely considered a cult-classic. In 2017, the title migrated to PS4 and PS Vita. The following year it came to Xbox One. And now it's coming to Nintendo Switch.

"Ys Origin joins aspiring knight Yunica Tovah and mage Hugo Fact, two fighters desperately searching for the Goddesses that have abandoned them," reads an official blurb about the game's story. "Together the duo must best the demonic forces lurking within an enormous tower before the beasts reach humanity’s sanctuary in the clouds. With tons of powerful loot to earn, distinct scenarios, and playstyles between each character as well as secrets to unveil, Ys Origin is a deep, compelling RPG experience."


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