Nintendo Switch Pro Reportedly Releasing This Fall

Nintendo's current Switch model is still a solid seller, but many have been wondering when a new model of the popular system would finally hit the market, and according to a new report by Bloomberg, it is finally going to happen this fall. The report states that Nintendo plans to begin assembly of a new Switch as soon as July, and the release would follow in September or October. This new model will also likely cost more than the original $299 price point, and once released will phase out the standard Switch, though the $199 Switch Lite will still be offered. As for timing, it could be announced ahead of E3, which starts June 12th.

The reason for that would be to allow publishers to reveal their upcoming games for the new system at E3 to capitalize on the buzz. A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment. The new Switch model will carry a 7-inch Samsung OLED display and an upgraded graphics processor to allow for 4K output to a TV

Assemblers could start shipping the new model in July and according to sources, the production is scheduled to peak in the October to December quarter, though it remains to be seen how semiconductor shortages, which have affected the PS5, Xbox Series X, and original Switch, will affect the new Switch model.

It's actually kind of surprising that it's been 4 years without an upgrade to the core system, but with the system still selling well and Nintendo admitting that it hasn't been able to get as many Switch's to market as it wanted due to shortages, the new model should have no issue hitting the ground running.

That's especially if true if the E3 rollout is as reported, as Nintendo will build buzz with the new model announcement and publishers can ride that momentum with a flurry of announcements at E3's virtual convention this year. It will also help keep the momentum the Switch has enjoyed even as the PS5 and Xbox Series X buzz continues to rise.


We'll have to wait and see if this pans out, but if so it would seem this could be another great year for Nintendo fans.

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