PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders May Be Limited by Household

Pre-orders of the PlayStation 5 console may be restricted to just one per household based on some messages dug up within the PlayStation Direct store. A line of text discovered in the source code of the digital store where you can purchase physical PlayStation games and hardware presented an error message that would presumably only show up whenever someone tries to add both a normal PlayStation 5 and a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition to their cart. The error message would appear to then prevent them from doing so, thus making it so that only one PlayStation 5 console can be purchased.

Redditor Kgarvey first noticed the new messages added to the source code within the PlayStation Direct store and shared their findings online. An error message within the site read "You can only purchase one version of the PS5™ Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5™ console to your cart."

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition just over a month ago when it gave us a first look at the PlayStation 5 itself. The disc drive and perhaps a slight price change are the only differences between the two consoles, but it looks like people will have to pick just one of them at launch if you're buying from the PlayStation Direct store.

The one-per-household rule was similarly implemented during the release of the PlayStation 4, so this isn't a new deal for Sony. What is new about this time aside from the fact that there are two consoles to choose from when pre-ordering is the PlayStation Direct store itself which opened its digital doors in September 2019. The store's opening marked the first time you could actually buy PlayStation 4s and other hardware straight from Sony and will be the first time people can buy a new generation of consoles straight from the source.

The fact that this message was found also points back to the idea of pre-orders happening sooner rather than later. Pre-orders seemed like they were going to open up recently if you took stock in online rumors and speculations, but they still haven't opened. Sony said it'll give people plenty of notice before the pre-orders go live though, so we'll likely know well ahead of time before the pre-orders actually happen.


Sony has also reportedly doubled its production of the PlayStation 5 console to meet demand, so this combined with the buying rule means most people who want one of the consoles will hopefully get the chance to own one.

Thanks, IGN.