PlayStation 5 Production Reportedly Doubled to Meet Increased Demand

Sony has reportedly increased its production of the PlayStation 5 dramatically to meet increased demand resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Originally planning to produce around 5 million PlayStation 5 units before March 2021, according to Bloomberg, the production has now supposedly been increased to 10 million consoles. The outlet credited unnamed people familiar with the matter with the information and said the increased production is a result of higher interest in gaming during the pandemic. Sony also previously said it didn't expect the coronavirus situation to notably impact the launch of the console and hasn't said anything to go against that since then.

Though Sony's increasing its production of the console and has reportedly informed its partners of those plans, Bloomberg said there's a question of whether all those consoles will be produced and delivered in time for the holiday season. Shipping the consoles across the world will be a factor since a significant part of the production is based in China, and we've already seen earlier in the year with the Nintendo Switch how a console's availability can be impacted by such restraints during times like these.

The DualSense controller, the fancy new input device shipping with PlayStation 5s, has also supposedly had its production increased to match the demand.

Production on the PlayStation 5 reportedly began back in June with the console's production said to have been on schedule at that time. It was reported in February that the coronavirus pandemic had not impacted plans to prepare for the production of the PlayStation 5, but it seems now it has impacted the console in a different way than expected if the reports of increased production are accurate.

The PlayStation 5 itself was finally revealed to the world in June months after the Xbox Series X made its debut. It was revealed during a big PlayStation 5-focused event where we got to see our first look at a number of games planned for the PlayStation 5. Though not every game on the list was featured there during the event, we've also got a breakdown of the PlayStation 5 games we know will come to the console so far. Several games listed there have been announced and are likely coming to the next-gen consoles, though we don't have release dates for most of them yet.


The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will be available to the public some time during Holiday 2020.