PlayStation Store Update Makes Much-Needed Improvement

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store on PC/Mac ahead of the release of the PS5 making a much-needed improvement in the process. Last month, in anticipation of the next-gen console, Sony overhauled the PlayStation Store. Included in this overhaul was the removal of a variety of features and a complete redesign. Depending on who you ask, the overhaul and redesign made the digital storefront on PC and mobile better, however, it also made it harder to browse for games.

Prior to this update, the PlayStation Store on PC and Mac did not list the name of games below their respective thumbnails, which meant this information either had to be derived from the thumbnail itself or you had to click on the game to see what it was called. As you would expect, this uninformative change was not a welcomed one, however, thankfully it was also a short-lived change.

As Gematsu notes over on Twitter, the PlayStation Store on PC and Mac has been updated, and now the name of each game is listed below the thumbnail.

While this much-needed improvement goes a long way in making the PlayStation Store on PC and Mac better, it's still missing a variety of key features that the previous iteration had. Of course, all of this and more could be addressed in future updates, but for now, Sony hasn't announced any additional improvements, changes, or additions coming to the digital storefront.

Meanwhile, if you're on the PlayStation app or the PlayStation Store on PS4, none of this is relevant, because this feature was already included, which begs the question: why did the PC and Mac version of the storefront leave this feature out? Unfortunately, we will probably never have an answer for this, but hopefully, this is a sign that more updates are coming to the PlayStation Store in the near future.


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