How to Get Audino and Alomomola in Pokemon Go Valentine's Day Event

Pokemon Go has added two new Pokemon for their Valentine's Day event, but both are rather hard to find. Pokemon Go players are currently reveling in this weekend's Valentine's Day event, which features pink Pokemon and increased candies for catching Pokemon. Two new Pokemon were also added for the event - Audino and Alomomola. Audino is a Normal-type Pokemon that gives out 2000 extra Stardust when caught, while Alomomola is a Water-type Pokemon that's pink and vaguely heart-shaped, making it perfect for this weekend's event.

Unfortunately, both Pokemon are rather rare to find in the wild, so players may have to turn to other options to catch these new Pokemon. Both Audino and Alomomola can be found in 7 KM eggs obtained during the event, although you may have to cycle through a large number of eggs to get either Pokemon. You may also want to look out for a Field Research task that requires players to catch 14 Luvdisc. Completing this Field Research task earns an automatic encounter with an Alomomola.

Luckily, both Pokemon will remain in the game after the Valentine's Day event ends, albeit at a reduced appearance rate. It's unclear whether either Pokemon will eventually be cycled into a permanent egg pool, of if they'll remain a rare spawn for the foreseeable future.


Players may also want to take advantage of this weekend's Lickitung Raid event, which takes place from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. Players can battle Lickitung in raids and receive up to five free raid passes. If players are lucky, they may even encounter a Shiny Lickitung after defeating it in a raid.

The Pokemon Go Valentine's Day event will last until Monday evening local time.