New 'Pokemon Go' EX Raid Boss Has Lower Defense Than Caterpie

Pokemon Go is about to have a new EX Raid Boss, and it is a textbook definition of a glass [...]

Pokemon Go is about to have a new EX Raid Boss, and it is a textbook definition of a glass cannon.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that Attack Forme Deoxys will be added as the game's newest EX Raid Boss beginning on December 20th. EX Raids are special invite only Raid Battles featuring some of the strongest Pokemon the game has to offer. Mewtwo was the game's inaugural EX Raid Boss, but it was eventually replaced by Deoxys's Normal Forme earlier this year.

The Mythical Pokemon Deoxys has four different forms, each focused on a different attribute. Attack Forme Deoxys has the strongest Attack stat of any non-Mega Evolved Pokemon in the main series games, but at the cost of truly abysmal Defense stats. In Pokemon Go, that translates to a Defense stat lower than almost every Pokemon in the game, including the wimpy Bug-type Pokemon Caterpie.

In fact, the only four Pokemon with lower Defense stats than every Pokemon but Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Whimsur, or Carvanha. Basically, any Pokemon that's not a tiny pink puffball (or a little angry fish) can take more of a beating that Deoxys's Attack Forme.

This has some hardcore Pokemon Go players wondering whether Attack Forme Deoxys will be the first EX Raid Boss that can be taken down as a solo player. A player with enough Tyranitar or Gengar should have enough attack strength on their team to beat Deoxys before time expires. Unless Pokemon Go adds a major buff to Attack Forme Deoxys, this will likely be the first high level Raid Boss that players won't have to fight in a team.

Pokemon Go is also gearing up for their new Holiday Event, which will feature new Pokemon and a ton of new bonuses and buffs over the holiday season. The holiday event will begin tomorrow December 18th and run through January 2nd.