Pokemon Go Teases a Kalos Pokemon in Mysterious New Videos

Pokemon Go is teasing a Kalos Pokemon through a series of new videos posted on social media. Yesterday, Pokemon Go started posing a series of "Incoming Transmissions" on their Twitter and Facebook, which shows a Raid Egg with a timer set to end Tuesday afternoon. The 30-second videos contained several easter eggs that seemingly hint that Espurr, a Psychic-type Pokemon from the Kalos region, will be appearing in Raids next week. The videos briefly flash the wave pattern use to identify Psychic-type Pokemon in the game and feature swirls that somewhat resemble Espurr's furry curls. The most obvious clue came in a video posted this morning, when a plane with a banner bearing the number "677" appeared near the gym. Espurr's National Pokedex number is #677.

The multi-day marketing blitz for Espurr is a bit unusual. While Espurr is a bit more popular than some other Pokemon from the Kalos region, it's not exactly a fan-favorite or a standout Pokemon. Its moveset doesn't make it seem like it'll have much use in gyms or PvP battles either, except perhaps in a few niche cases. We'll have to see whether the Espurr Raids come with any other twists, or if this will just be a standard 1-Star raid.


Pokemon Go will launch its major "Go Beyond" update this week, with several new changes and updates. Other Pokemon like Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie will be added to the game, and the game will shift to new themed Seasons with a focus on different Pokemon and themes. Pokemon Go will also increase the Level Cap for players to Level 50. The Go Beyond update will officially start its rollout on November 30th.