Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's First Global Mission Was a Bust

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon players failed on their first ever global mission.

Global missions are a feature first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon that challenges Pokemon trainers around the world to reach certain milestones. The feature returned in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but players came up short on their first mission.

The global mission called for players to catch a total of 10 million Pokemon during the eleven days after Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released. Players fell way short of that goal, catching only about 5.4 million Pokemon.

So why was the first mission a bust? Well, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon didn't have nearly the hype as Pokemon Sun and Moon did last year. There's also the fact that the game will likely be a popular holiday present, so many players won't have the games for a few more weeks.

While players failed at the mission, anyone who participated will still get 1,000 Festival Coins (or 2,000 coins if they've linked to their Pokemon Global Link account.) Those Festival Coins can be used in the Festival Plaza for various items and prizes.


Pokemon Sun and Moon's global missions also got off to a rough start before players finally succeeded a few months after the game's release. Pokemon Sun and Moon's first global mission asked players to catch 100 million Pokemon, but players only managed to snag 16.4 million instead.

The next global mission will take place in December, so hopefully more players will participate in the next month's challenge.