PowerWash Simulator Reveals Release Date of Next Paid DLC

PowerWash Simulator's Alice's Adventures pack drops next month.

Earlier this month, the developers at FuturLab announced that its next paid crossover DLC for PowerWash Simulator is the Alice's Adventures Special Pack. The upcoming pack includes five new levels for players to clean along with a selection of new cosmetics. That's become par for the course for PowerWash Simulator's paid DLC packs, though these levels do look particularly large compared to previous packs that included vehicles for players to hose down. Players waiting to jump into the new pack received good news today when FuturLab announced that the next paid DLC for PowerWash Simulator launches on July 2nd.

It's important to note that the July 2nd release date is for PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and console players. If you're a Meta Quest user, you'll have to wait an extra week for the game to launch on the headset line. Players will be able to get into VR on July 11th. Thankfully, it's not a long wait, but it would be nice to see the two versions launch on the same day as we move forward.

Either way, the Alice's Adventures Special Pack's five new levels have been detailed by FuturLab. As you'd expect, it's all of the usual areas you'd expect from anything related to Alice and her Wonderland. As mentioned, there are also several Alice-themed cosmetics to pick up, including a colorful new cleaning outfit Here's a full breakdown of the levels coming in the pack:

  • Wonderland's Entrance Hall
  • White Rabbit's House
  • Caterpillar's Mushroom
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Queen of Heart's Court

Of course, this isn't the end of new content for PowerWash Simulator. Earlier this year, the team shared a new roadmap for 2024. Once the Alice's Adventure DLC ships, eyes will turn to two pieces of upcoming free content. PowerWash Simulator is getting new seasonal content and the fourth Muckingham File later this summer. After that, FuturLab has one more piece of unannounced paid DLC coming in 2024, as well as one last batch of free seasonal content and something mysteriously labeled as "Game News." We don't know if that's a sequel or a new feature, but we should find out by the end of the year.

PowerWash Simulator is available now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, Meta Quest, and PC platforms. Remember, the Alice's Adventures Special Pack launches on July 2nd.