New Marvel's Iron Man VR Trailer Released

Marvel’s Iron Man VR got a new trailer from Camouflaj, Marvel Games, and PlayStation this week [...]

Marvel's Iron Man VR got a new trailer from Camouflaj, Marvel Games, and PlayStation this week to show off a cinematic battle between Iron Man and Ghost while Iron Man uses an array of weapons and abilities unique to the suits players will step into when they play. The trailer is only 30 seconds long and doesn't show actual gameplay during the fight between the two Marvel characters, but it won't be long until people are able to experience this sort of encounter for themselves since the game launches early next month. There's also still a demo available for Marvel's Iron Man VR to give you a hands-on preview before the game's release.

The short clip from the game that'll likely be used at a TV spot and in other ad placements before the game's release showed a brawl between Iron Man and Ghost in a busy city street. Attacked by bursts of energy and drones, Iron Man responds with some repulsor blasts, wrist rockets, and finally his signature unibeam attack.

For transparency's sake, the teaser reminded viewers that what's being shown here isn't actually gameplay from Marvel's Iron Man VR. To get a better idea of what the gameplay actually looks like, you can check out this video of a hands-on experience with the game.

Or, you can just play through what's seen in the video yourself to get the best possible feel for Marvel's Iron Man VR. That demo was released back in May, the same month the game was supposed to release before it was delayed indefinitely and later given a new release date. The demo is still available and can be downloaded here.

As the name of the game suggests, however, you'll need a PlayStation VR setup if you want to play Marvel's Iron Man VR, so that demo won't do you much good if you don't have the proper gear yet. This game requires everything from the headset to the camera to the PlayStation Move controllers required to pilot Iron Man's suit and use his abilities. If you've got some or none of that checklist or if you've got everything covered and just want the game, our pre-order guide will help you prepare for the game's launch.

Marvel's Iron Man VR is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 5 on July 3rd.