PlayStation Responds to PSN Issues

PlayStation has responded to PSN's issues that began earlier today after Sony rolled out a new PS4 update that added a slew of new features, but also broke a few things. According to the official PlayStation Support Twitter account, Sony is aware of the issues players have been reporting en masse, and is currently working on a solution. Unfortunately, this is all the Twitter account divulges. There's no word of what the issue is, how big the issue is, or when PlayStation players can expect for the problems to be resolved.

"We're aware users are experiencing difficulties accessing specific functions of PlayStation Network at this time," said the Ask PlayStation Twitter account. "We're currently investigating. Thank you for your patience."

And this is where the official information ends. Typically, Sony is pretty quick about fixing issues with PSN, but these problems have been going on since this morning, and there's still no solution, suggesting the problem could be substantial, and may even result in a rollback of the latest update.

We first reported on the problematic PS4 update this morning, noting it was causing issues with parties, messaging, and more. Further, some were even reporting that PSN was flat-out not working. That said, the latter doesn't appear to be a widespread issue.


Of course, you can avoid this entire mess by simply not downloading the update, but if you do this, you won't be able to access online features or play online games.

All of that said, we will be sure to update this story as more information is provided by PlayStation and its official support accounts. In the meantime, for more coverage on PS4, PS5, and all things PlayStation, click here or check out the links below: