PlayStation Leak Accidentally Reveals PS5 UI Feature

A new PlayStation leak has seemingly revealed a PS5 UI feature. The new leak doesn't come the way of Sony Interactive Entertainment or one of its in-house developers, but Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive, or more specifically, the Dead by Daylight: The Stranger Things Edition over on the PlayStation Store, which reveals that the special version of the game comes with a variety of goodies, including an exclusive Dead by Daylight - Stranger Things PS5 theme.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has said nothing about the PS5's UI. Like, literally nothing, despite the console being a month away. We also haven't seen the UI yet. That said, it looks like themes will be back. Debuting on PS4, themes allow players to customize their dashboard/home screen. It's far from a game-changing console feature, but it's one players on PlayStation have grown to really appreciate. Many assumed themes would return on PS5, or at least some version of themes, but up until now, these were just assumptions.

While it looks like PS5 is bringing themes back, it remains to be seen if your PS4 themes will carry over to the PS5 or if PS4 themes will even work with PS5. You'd hope your premium themes would carry over, but Sony may opt for a clean restart.

The answer to this question may come down to how different the PS5 UI is from the PS4 UI. That said, the rumors and leaks right now indicate the UI will be very similar, so hopefully, your themes and avatars will carry over.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on this latest leak and it's unlikely it will. Not only does it rarely comment on leaks, but with the PS5 UI reveal presumably imminent, there's no reason to comment when you have official news in the pipeline. That said, if it does provide a comment or statement, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.


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H/T, Reset Era.