Custom PS5 Gives the PlayStation Console a God of War Makeover

A custom PS5 is making the rounds within the PlayStation community for giving the next-gen [...]

A custom PS5 is making the rounds within the PlayStation community for giving the next-gen PlayStation console an incredible God of War makeover. Earlier this month, Sony finally revealed the PS5 console, and like the previously revealed PS5 DualSense controller, the console boasts a white-black futuristic, sui generis look. Some PlayStation fans love it, others hate it, which, to a certain degree, is inevitable. That said, since the console reveal, concept art reimaging the system has slowly but surely flooded social media. The most recent example of this is the aforementioned PS5 that gives the console a look even Kratos would be impressed with.

It's not exactly clear where the piece of PS5 concept art originates from, but it was shared and propagated by God of War Espana Twitter account. And as you can see, the console does lend itself nicely to custom design, or at least more than the PS4 does, especially with the lights that bleed around the entire circumference of the piece of hardware.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not said one way or another if the PS5 will be customizable from an aesthetic perspective, but it did tease the console will generally be more customizable than previous PlayStation systems. That said, while the shell of the console itself may not be customizable, it's safe to assume there will be various special and limited editions, including one for the inevitable sequel to 2018's God of War.

The PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to release sometime this holiday season, presumably during the late October to late November window.

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