PS5 Console Is More Customizable Than Previous PlayStation Consoles, Special Editions Teased

The PS5 is more customizable than previous PlayStation consoles, and it will have a variety of [...]

The PS5 is more customizable than previous PlayStation consoles, and it will have a variety of special editions. While the latter bit is to be expected, the former tidbit has PlayStation fans excited and going mad with speculation. Last week, Sony finally unveiled what the PlayStation 5 console looks like, alongside nearly 30 games for it. The console is currently available to pre-order for $700, but it's highly unlikely this will be the actual price point for the final consumer console, which will apparently come with a host of customization options, and may be available in a variety of special editions at launch.

Over on LinkedIn, PlayStation VP of UX design Matt MacLaurin revealed that not only will PlayStation fans see various special editions of the console, but that the console itself will be customizable in ways previous PlayStation systems haven't been.

"You will definitely be seeing some special editions," said MacLaurin. "This is also customizable in ways previous gens weren't."

Unfortunately, MacLaurin stopped here before divulging any further details. In other words, it's currently unclear in what ways the console will be customizable. Does this mean specific innards will be customizable or does it mean the aesthetic of the console? Presumably, it's the former, but right now there's no way of knowing this for sure.

Again, word of special and limited editions of the console isn't very shocking. You'd expect as much, but this customization tidbit certainly has the attention of PlayStation fans, even if they don't know what to make of it.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on this matter or any provided any further clarification, and it's unlikely it will.

The PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season. For more news, rumors, leaks, and every other type of coverage on the console -- and everything related to it -- click here or see the relevant links below: