Ghost of Tsushima Developer Teases Unannounced PS5 Games Coming Sooner Than You Think

Between now and 2023, PlayStation Studios has a few PlayStation exclusives releasing between Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and God of War Ragnarok. However, apparently, it also has some unannounced games releasing in this window of time. Over on video game forum Reset Era, a verified senior game designer at Sucker Punch Productions recently suggested that Sony hasn't revealed its entire hand yet. Unfortunately, what's in this hand, the developer doesn't say, but apparently, there are things the company has been silent on that aren't very far away from releasing. 

Replying to a user complaining about the lack of AAA PS5 exclusives, the developer in question provided the following quote: "People assume now that there will be no games in-between, because Sony hasn't announced anything for that time span yet? Okay..."

As you would expect, PlayStation players immediately jumped to the conclusion that one of these mystery games has to be from Sucker Punch Productions, but this is unlikely given that Ghost of Tsushima just released last year, unless it's going to be some type of stand-alone expansion that can be quickly made.

Whatever these games are, they certainly can't be anything major, otherwise, they would have been announced already. It's also worth noting that the window in question is now until Marvel's Spider-Man 2's release in what will presumably be fall 2023. In other words, the developer could be teasing early and mid-2023 games.

Unfortunately, right now PlayStation fans don't have much on bone here other than speculation. That said, if any more information is provided or if the situation develops, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on the PS5 and all things PlayStation, click here or, alternatively, check out the relevant and recent links listed right below: