PS5 Report Hints at Expensive Price

A new PS5 report has hinted at a possible expensive price point for the next-generation PlayStation console. At the moment of publishing, not only do we not know the price of the PS5, but we don't even know when -- presumably in November -- it's releasing. It's wild, but all of this may change tomorrow at Sony's new PS5 showcase, which will run at 40 minutes and provide updates on games already announced for PS5, plus reveals of brand new PS5 games.

That said, ahead of a possible price reveal tomorrow, a new report from leaker Dusk Golem is making the rounds, particularly for the implications if it's true. According to the leaker, the PS5 costs roughly $600 to produce. This estimation not only includes manufacturing costs, but presumably the costs of wholesale packaging, shipping, and the cut for retailers. It's also about $100 more than estimates we've heard in the past, so that's worth keeping in mind.

"Non-ironically that's around how much the PS5 on launch costs to produce before parts get cheaper over time, but I'm pretty sure it'll cost a little under that," said Dusk Golem over on Twitter while talking about a possible $600 price tag for the Sony console. "My personal prediction is $549 for the disk version, unless they decide to really bite the bullet for $499."

Of course, all of this -- the report and the prediction piggybacking on it -- should be taken with a major grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and even if it's accurate, it's also subject to change. Further, this conflicts with reports from earlier this year.

The chances of the PS5 costing $600 are very slim. And $550 is even slimmer. Anyone with a background in marketing will tell you there's little benefit in charging $550 compared to $600 in terms of consumer reception and perception. Not only is the first number all that matters, but people don't feel like they are saving $50, but rather they feel like they are being upcharged $50.


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