WATCH: PlayStation Player Destroys PS5 With Industrial Shredder

The PS5 is arguably the hardest consumer product to get your hands on right now. From the moment it went up for pre-order to every restock since, PlayStation players have found it near impossible to get their hands on the next-gen machine. It doesn't matter if it's GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, or any other retailer, the PS5 is hard to get, not just because of demand, but because of bots and scalpers as well. That said, millions have been able to get their hands on the console, including one person who defeated the bots and scalpers just to put their console through an industrial shredder.

Over on Reddit, a new PS5 video has been going viral. The video is only one minute long, but it's the longest one minute of any PlayStation fan's life. In it, a brand new PS5 is put through a powerful industrial shredder designed to break down just about anything put through its jaws.

As you can see, the shredder actually has a difficult time breaking down the PS5, but eventually, it triumphs over the well-designed piece of hardware, breaking it down into tiny and unrecognizable pieces. That said, even the shredder itself isn't very good or Sony designed the PS5 really, really well because the PS5 does put up a heck of a fight.

why from r/MakeMeSuffer

Of course, these types of videos aren't new. In fact, when it comes to expensive new technology, they are a dime-a-dozen, however, the context of how hard a PS5 is to get at the moment has shot this one to the top of Reddit.

Of course, we highly recommend nobody try this. Not only because PS5's are meant to be played and cherished, not destroyed, but because using industrial shredders is very dangerous.


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