New PlayStation Patent Hints at Unannounced PS5 Feature

A new PlayStation patent has surfaced online, possibly revealing another unannounced PS5 feature that Sony has been hiding. The newly filed patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment doesn't make any mention of the PS5 directly, but does suggest the console will come packing a save state share feature via PlayStation Network when it launches later this year. And what's interesting about this is this isn't the first patent to hint at the feature. Further, rumors and leaks here and there have also mentioned it.

The patent -- which you can find right here -- is for a video game sharing method and system that would allow players to share their save states with other players, and these video game segments would be playable. With this, users could create video game slices and different save states and share them with other users on PSN. In other words, players would be able to create their own gameplay demos and tutorials.

"A video game sharing method and system enables users to share playable video game segments with users so that the users are able to view the video game segments or interactively play the video game segments," reads a summary of the patent. "When shared, state information for the video game segments is included such that the users begin in the same position with the same relevant statistics. By enabling video game sharing, user enjoyment and video game popularity are increased."

At the moment, there's no way of knowing this technology will be utilized on PS5, but it does sound like something included in PS5's new "Create" button on the DualSense controller. Sony hasn't detailed this feature yet, but has hyped it up considerably.

Of course, it's important to also note that this is just a patent. A company like Sony files patents all the time, many of which never graduate past the concept stage.


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