PS5 Gets Second Mysterious Update in a Row

Sony released a new PS5 update this morning, and like the console's previous update on October 7, nobody knows what this update does, and nobody knows what this update does because Sony has declined to go into details on exactly what the update does and doesn't do/ Rather than provide any specifics like it usually does, Sony simply notes that the "system software update improves system performance." And according to Sony, this is all the new update does.

As you may know, rarely does an update only ever improve system performance. For example, Nintendo released many updates saying nothing about the update other than it improves system performance just for dataminers to find out the update was preparing the console for new features that were added with a later update. At the moment of publishing, dataminers haven't unearthed anything interesting about this particular update, but if that changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

In the meantime, be prepared to download the new update when you boot up the PS5. Thankfully, because it's so small, the download should take little to no time to download, especially compared to previous, beefier updates. 

One thing we know the update doesn't do is fix one of the console's biggest issues that Sony said it fixed back in February, but recently the issue has returned from the grave

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