PlayStation Reveals Great News For Those That Can't Pre-Order PS5

PS5 pre-orders -- officially -- went live today. However, after Sony revealed the PlayStation 5's release date and price yesterday during the PS5 Showcase, retailers jumped the gun ahead of Sony and began taking pre-orders immediately after the event. This included GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, GAME, Target, and many others. Unfortunately, at the moment of publishing, most -- if not all -- retailers are sold out. As a result, the only place you can currently pre-order a PS5 is via eBay, but you're going to have to pay some absurd prices if you go this route. We know there will be more pre-order waves in the future, including in-person pre-ordering, but for now, these details are scarce.

That said, it's not all bad news. Today, Sony confirmed it will have a larger supply of PS5 consoles than it did PS4 consoles back in 2013. As you may remember, the PS4 was tough to pre-order and find at launch, but it wasn't impossible. In other words, assuming demand remains relatively consistent, PlayStation players should be able to find a PS5 at launch, or at least around it, if they can't manage to get their hands on a pre-order.

According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, earlier this year it was unclear just how much supply there would be due to COVID, however, all of the challenges of this unique, troubling year only "reinforced" the company's "resolve."

“For quite some time, in the early part of COVID, that picture was far from clear,” said Ryan while speaking to the Washington Post. “Just as the supply things were unclear, would there be any market? Would anyone be allowed to go outside? Would any shops be open? This has been a year like no other. But all of that just reinforced our resolve, and the path we determined at the start of the year was absolutely the right one.”

At the moment of publishing, it remains unclear just how large Sony's supply will be and whether or not it will be enough to meet demand. Of course, this is partially dependent on how much demand there is, and right now, there seems to be quite a lot of demand.


The PlayStation 5 is set to release worldwide on November 12, priced at $400 or $500, depending on what edition of the console you purchase.

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