New PlayStation Patent Possibly Reveals Another Interesting PS5 Feature

A new PlayStation patent has surfaced online, possibly revealing another interesting PS5 feature. The World Intellectual Property Organization doesn't divulge a filing date for the patent, but does reveal its publication date was May 22, 2020. In addition to naming Sony Interactive Entertainment as the applicant, it also makes note of the inventor, Albhy Galuten.

As for the patent itself, it's titled "Dynamic Music Creation In Gaming." This confirms that it's PlayStation related, but the patent makes no mention of the PS5. It's safe to assume that if this technology passes beyond the conceptual stage, it will be via the PS5, but for now this is nothing more than an assumption.

As always, the language used within the patent is either vague or weighed down by technical jargon. However, it sounds like Sony is experimenting with dynamic music creation based on emotion. It's unclear if this would be for games or something like the PlayStation home screen, but it does link up with previous emotion-based patents filed by the company, including a patent for a robot companion and a controller patent featuring technology that senses your emotional state.

"A method and system for dynamic music creation is disclosed," reads the patent's official abstract. "An emotion is assigned to one or more musical motifs and a game vector is associated with the emotion. The one or more musical motifs are mapped to the game vector based on the emotion. A musical composition is generated based on the game vector and desired emotions."

For now, it's unclear how any of this will work or whether it will ever be more than a patent that Sony sits on. A company like Sony files patents all the time, and many of these patents never graduate from the prototypical stage to the consumer stage in any meaningful way.

At the moment of publishing, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not commented or remarked in any capacity about this newly surfaced patent.


The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release worldwide sometime this holiday season. Below, you can continue to read more about the console via the relevant links:

H/T, Gaming Intel.