PS5: GameStop Announces More Pre-Order Stock

GameStop has announced more PS5 pre-order stock. Right now, it's impossible to get Sony's PlayStation 5 unless you want to pay an arm and a leg over on eBay. That said, tomorrow PlayStation fans in the United States will get another opportunity to cop the next-gen machine early, courtesy of GameStop, which has a brand new stock of consoles. However, this new pre-order stock is limited to the standard $500 version of the console. In other words, this new stock does not include a single all-digital, disc-less PS5, which is proving far harder to buy than the standard PS5 with a disc-drive.

At the moment of publishing, the only other salient information GameStop reveals is that PlayStation fans will be able to pre-order the console online and in stores. For now, it's unclear how limited this new stock is and when exactly it will be available to pre-order. Given that GameStop does not provide a date means you should be prepared to pre-order starting at 12 am EST / 9 pm PST tonight.

Unfortunately, this is all we know at the moment. That said, if any further information is provided by the retailer, we will be sure to update this post with said information.

If you're going to try out your luck online against bots and seasoned scalpers, then this is the LINK you're going to need. Again, come midnight, make sure to refresh it like a madman, because this stock is sure to go very quickly.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release worldwide on November 12, which is a Thursday. Depending on what version of the console you buy, it will cost $400 or $500, and be available alongside games like Demon's Souls, Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.


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